The first mink Top Lot buyer of this season

Kopenhagen Fur Brown Vevelt Females Top Lot

From online auction to traditional purchases in the auction room.

Mr Zhu Lin from Nanjing, CEO of Nanjing Lukou Yisite Fur Town Tianxia Fur Fashion Co. Ltd., was the buyer of the first mink Top Lot of Kopenhagen Fur’s sales season 2018. During the February auction he placed the winning bid of 920 DKK in the auction room securing the Brown Velvet Female Top Lot.

Mr Zhu Lin is the first from his home region of China to attend an auction at Kopenhagen Fur.

- This is my first visit at Kopenhagen Fur; previously, I have purchased via the online auctions, but I decided to attend the auction here in person instead of using a broker. It has been a very good experience for me to visit Kopenhagen Fur and it has been an efficient buying experience, he says.

Appreciates the quality

Mr Zhu Lin praises the grading and the quality of Kopenhagen Fur.

- The quality of the skins is very high, and the prices are good, he says.

Mr Zhu Lin is certain that he will return to Kopenhagen Fur in the future.

- I purchased this Top Lot and many other mink skins for my business. I am certain that I will be back again, the fur buyer says.

When asked about his future ambitions he explains:

- I want to take things adequately slow, really consider my next move and develop my business carefully, says Mr Zhu Lin who has been in the trade for 12 years, and slowly and diligently has worked his way up in the fur trade.