More Environmentally Friendly Dyeing Could Soon Be The Norm

Kopenhagen Fur skins

Kopenhagen Fur Dyeing Expert Thomas Andersen Explains

Thomas Andersen was a furrier for decades, but now works for Kopenhagen Fur as a liaison with major dressing housings worldwide.

“I’ve been working with three dressing houses to find a method to dye skins that is more environmentally friendly than it is today,” says Head of Dressing and Dyeing Thomas Andersen.

All three managed to come up with new methodologies for dyeing and dressing methods. The three dressing houses are MIB Manifattura, Marco Cipel and DTS.

Sustainable Dressing Presentation—3 May

Join Thomas Andersen to learn more about sustainable dressing and dyeing on 3 May at 13:30 in the Velvet Room in Hall 1. Thomas will hold a question and answer session with members from dressing houses Marco Cipel, MIB, and DTS.