Black and White Swakara Top Lots sold to Golden Lady Furs

- We had planned to buy both Top Lots in Swakara and everything went as planned, tells Kevin Wan.


Kevin Wan works with his father in the family-owned brokerage firm Dragon Fur Company Ltd. based in Hong Kong. However, he is representing the Harbin-based firm Golden Lady Furs, who owns the brand 'LaoPanPicao', at the Swakara auction.

Kevin Wan has been buying Top Lots at Kopenhagen Fur's auctions before, but it is his first time buying Swakara Top Lots in Glostrup. Plans are already made for how the newly acquired skins will be used.

- Swakara is very beautiful and you can make very unique styles of it. We are working on a project with Kopenhagen Fur's Design Centre to promote the beautiful Swakara in China, he tells.

Kevin Wan is not able to reveal more about the design collaboration with Kopenhagen Fur or what kind of design it will be yet, but it will be really nice, he tells.


Popular in China

Swakara is a relatively well-known skin type in China gaining ground on the Chinese fashion scene. Swakara has become popular among designers because of its beautiful way of interacting with light which makes it a very nice material to work with.

In tough competition, the Black Swakara Top Lot was sold for 1,280 DKK per skin, the White Swakara for 1,700 DKK per skin.