Kopenhagen Fur is pleased to announce the sales dates for 2018.

Please note, that there is a reschedule in the beginning of the sales season. This is done to accommodate many of our customers who wish that skins will be offered by auction at a time when the customers have greater knowledge about the demand for skins and the Chinese New Year is also taken into consideration.


February auction:

Inspection from Friday, 2 February to Tuesday, 6 February.

Sale from Wednesday, 7 February to Monday, 12 February.


March auction:

Inspection from Saturday 10 March to Friday 16 March.

Sale from Saturday 17 March to Friday 23 March.


May auction:

Inspection from Thursday 26 April to Monday 1 May.

Sale from Tuesday 2 May to Wednesday 9 May.


June auction:

Inspection from Thursday 14 June to Thursday 21 June.

Sale from Friday 22 June to Sunday 1 July.


September auction:

Inspection from Saturday 25 August to Saturday 1 September.

Sale from Sunday 2 September to Tuesday 11 September.