Newcomer in the business bought his first Top Lot

This February's Top Lot of White Velvet females went to Kopenhagen Fur auction-goer Mr You wei Zhao, visiting Denmark on behalf of the company TianZhi China Headquarters Dalian Duoduo Clothing Co., Ltd.

- These skins will be presented on TV, said Mr. You wei Zhao of his prestigious purchase at 760 DKK per skin:
- We want people to see we bought the best fur from the best place, he explained.

The purchase of the Top Lot marked a strong beginning for Mr You wei Zhao, because the February auction was his first time purchasing at Kopenhagen Fur's auction room.

Mr. You wei Zhao is the second generation in his family to work in the fur trade. He has studied at a Oregon University and is now ready to support his father's family business.

- The skins will eventually be used for a coat, but first it will be presented on TV-shop for marketing of our company and perhaps displayed in our flagship store, he says.