June offering 2017

We are pleased to release our finalized June offer consisting of 8.3 million mink skins of which 7.3 million are  regular skins of the highest quality.

This June offering is the last large offering of regular skins in the auction season 2017. The offering gives our
valued customers the opportunity to purchase large quantities of regular goods in more than 20 different types.

For your information, we have decided to offer our customers favorable terms for all goods purchased at the
June auction. We hope that you will welcome our initiatives. You can find more details at our company website
under "favorable terms".

The auction starts on 22 June offering White mink of the highest quality. Please find more details about our
offering at www.kopenhagenfur.com.

Kopenhagen Fur's September auction this year is expected to consist of 4.9 million mink skins. The main part
will be breeders and lowgrades and a small part of the collection will consist of smaller size regular goods.

Kopenhagen Fur welcomes you at the June auction in Copenhagen.