First time Top Lot buyer has great ambitions

It was certainly not the first time Mr Yi Xiao Liu purchased skins at Kopenhagen Fur, but it was the first time he obtained a Top Lot for his company, Vienna Fur, located in TongErPu.

Mr Yi Xiao Liu is a friend of the house and his business with Kopenhagen Fur began in 2007. Now, he is the proud owner of a Silverblue Cross Males Top Lot.

- I have been in the fur trade for 20 years, but in 2005 Kopenhagen Fur was doing promotion in China, and that is when is became interested in cooperating with this auction house, he says.

Over the years Mr Yi Xiao Liu has built a strong company. Vienna Fur has three shops in TongErPu, and the recently purchased Top Lot skins will be displayed in all three shops before they are to be used for a fur coat. The coat will then be sold to a lucky owner in China.

The reason why Mr Yi Xiao Liu purchased these skins for his business:

- Kopenhagen Fur is known for offering skins of a high quality with good colours, which is why I always come to Kopenhagen Fur when I purchase skins. I prefer mink skins with natural colours, and these are very good, he says.

Mr Yi Xiao Liu has achieved much in his years in the fur trade and he has ambitions for the future. He wants to strengthen his brand further and create high-fashion fur stores.

- Hopefully, I will return to Kopenhagen Fur and hopefully I will purchase another Top Lot, he says.

The Silverblue Cross Males Top Lot was purchased for 670 DKK at the June auction.