Chinchilla top lot to Italy

It was Giorgio Guida who Sunday morning during the January auction bought the season's first top lot on behalf of his client Elpidio Loffredo. The Chinchilla top lot was sold for DKK 800 per skin.

- We are going to make a special fur coat out of the Chinchilla skins for a special customer, and it is important to us that we use the best skin quality, says Elpidio Loffredo.

This is the third time Italian Elpidio Loffredo buys the top lot. He owns the fur shop Elsafur slr, which is in Pompei, Italy and has a large online store. Quality is a key word for Elpidio Loffredo's business. All the fur coats are designed and made in Italy and all the skins are carefully selected. Therefore, it was a natural choice to go for the top lot.