Same procedure as last year – almost

Just like in September 2016, Ms. Katharina Hasse and the St. Petersburg-based design company Xassa secured a prestigious Swakara toplot at the Kopenhagen Fur auction, this time the Top Lot is Swakara White. Priced at 760 DKK per skin, this is most expensive Swakara, but certainly worth the money, said the international fur broker Susanna Ribak who was representing Xassa at the auction.

- The Russians are taking an interest in quality Swakara, said Ms. Ribak. The final recipient of the garment that will be produced cannot be named. But it looks like it goes to a high-class personality with high esteem for prestigious clothing. 

Next to Ribak on the picture is Jesper Lauge Christensen, Exec. V.P of Kopenhagen Fur and, flanking them are Julene Meyer and J.S. Motinga, representatives of the Swakara Board  from Swakara's homeland Namibia visiting Kopenhagen Fur and the auction.