Most exclusive chinchilla for Feme Hearts

It is normal to see Chinese Top Lot buyers at Kopenhagen Fur's auctions, but less often for Chinchilla Top Lots. It happened this time, though, Feme Hearts won the bid and they are taking home this beautiful Top Lot.

Feme Hearts has been around for four years, they are represented in areas in both Shanghai and London and they specialize in catering to the rich and famous:

- We are doing personal designs for high-profile customers, and some of them want an alternative to mink, something more unusual, say Wayne Shen and Olivia Li of Feme Hearts Ltd., visiting the auction grounds for the first time and standing alongside Jesper Lauge Christensen on the picture.

They paid 1460 DKK  per chinchilla skin for this Top Lot, the only one of its kind during the April auction.