Boer and QiQi become Top Lot holders at Kopenhagen Fur

On Wednesday during the April auction, Mr. Markus Boer of QiQi Fashionshop became a proud Top Lot owner for the first time, securing himself and Beijing-based company this delightful package of Silverblue Cross Males priced at 1680 DKK each.

Like most high quality mink, this material is going to end up as top quality garment. But on the way, it serves an educational purpose as well, the Dutchman explained.

- We are working on a programme of showing our VIP customers the difference in mink so they can get a feeling for what's best. You know, everybody talks about top quality this and top quality that? Well, I want to show people what is actually top quality, and that they can get the best from us, said Mr. Boer, standing on the left in the picture, is Kopenhagen Furs  Exec V.P. Sales, Jesper Lauge Christensen.

This sale was the first out of two mink Top Lots at the April 2016 auction, the Swakara Top Lots having been checked out on Wednesday and the sale of Sapphire Velvet Females coming up on Saturday.