The softest Top Lot

The Chinchilla Top Lot is going to be used to make the softest blankets in the best possible quality.


Monday 12 September, it was time to bid on the Chinchilla Top Lot in the auction room in Glostrup. The auction ended with a final sales price of 800 DKK per skin, and the final bid was made by broker Susanna Ribak for the online site, is owned by Lars Paustian from Kiel, Germany. The company has existed for 60 years but has just recently launched the new site. sells skins and accessories to wholesalers, fur traders and furriers as long as they register and about 3.000 people and companies have already chosen to do so.

Wrapped in Chinchilla

-He had to have it, and he gave me a reasonable limit, so I felt quite sure that the auction would go well, said Susanna Ribak about how confident she felt about the purchase.

Lars Paustian left shortly after the purchase to catch his flight, but he called from the car to say that he was glad he got the Top Lot and that he was happy with the price.

To emphasize the softness of the chinchilla skins in the best possible way, he plans to use the Top Lot for blankets. But he will need more skins to do so. The skins he bought from Kopenhagen Fur is of the finest quality in the world. Therefore, he will need to make sure that the next lot he buys is of equal high quality to ensure that the skins match.

-When you are making blankets, it is important, that all of the skins are of great quality, but also that the skins are similar.

Kopenhagen Fur equals great quality

The Top Lot from Kopenhagen Fur was important to Lars Paustian's business because he wanted the best Chinchilla in the world so that his customers can buy premium goods on his website. In his opinion , Kopenhagen Fur is the equivalent to great quality and Lars Paustian wants his products to be as well.

The Chinchilla Top Lot was sold for 800 DKK per skin. The total sales price is 40.000 DKK for the 50 Chinchilla skins in the Top Lot.