Greece secured the White Swakara

The White Swakara ended up at the highest price of the two Swakara Top Lots, and Panagiotis Siaraferas and Ana Lorenzi Siaraferas from the Greek company, Etherion Fur Collection, made the highest bid of 840 DKK. 

Going into the auction, Panagiotis Siaraferas was cautious because of the current economic situation but he emphasized that the company has been on the market for a long time:

- We know, that we have these periods where the market decreases, but we also know to just stay calm and wait it out.

Fresh young styles

- It has a unique beauty and it is a fur, that can be worn all year around, his wife Ana Lorenzi Siaraferas explained about what makes Swakara special to her.

They are not quite sure about what they will use Top Lot for, but they plan on handing it over to their daughter, who is a designer:

- We will probably ask our daughter to propose some fresh young styles for the Swakara skins.

Panagiotis Siaraferas and his brother Apostolos are specialists in working with Swakara and have been doing so for almost ten years. But the business started up long before that in 1985 and is now on the third generation, so Etherion Fur Collection is well-established and well-known in the world.