Sixth EMBA team has graduated

The special education in China, which gives provides young corporate managers with a strategic business education in the fur trade, has now yielded its sixth team. EMBA initially began after the realization that an education was needed for people, who wanted insight in this specific trade and the conditions that exist in the fur trade.

Chief auctioneer Per Knudsen experienced first-hand, that EMBA provides a useful strategic insight that can be used in practice, when he recently visited Beijing.

- In China, people use the online shopping website Taobao, which is their version of Ebay. Here, one of the former EMBA students sell her product; a fur rabbit made from mink skins purchased at Kopenhagen Fur. The small fur rabbit accessory has become a sales success in China, says Per Knudsen.

The woman behind the sales success is Liu Li, a former student on the fourth EMBA team, and when she graduated, she began selling fur accessories online.

The EMBA education is made in a partnership between Kopenhagen Fur and Tsinghua University in Beijing, where Professor Xiao, along with several high level external lecturers, teach the students.

- I spoke to some of the people behind EMBA in China, and they are very proud of the 180 people who have graduated. Team 6 has also done very well and they have performed on a high level, says Per Knudsen.

Emba not only gives strategic insight into the trade. It also focuses on developing strong relations between the students, so that the network is sustained after graduation.

- Team 6 are also lucky because more links in the value chain are represented on the team, says Per Knudsen. EMBA is quite popular. There is room for 30 on each team and currently, 26 students have been accepted on to the next team, which begins shortly.