Mr Wang won the day

The Palomino Cross Males Top Lot was purchased by Mr Li Qun Wang from the fashion brand BeFurs. He intends to use the Top Lot for haute couture fashion and charity.


Mr Wang was anxious when bidding in the auction room. However, he also felt confident that he would eventually win the bid and bring home the Top Lot, and he did for DKK 2,600 per skin.

The skins will be used for something quite extraordinary.

- I will use the skins for haute couture that will be displayed in my store and then auctioned off to one of my buyers. The money from my auction will go to charity, Li Qun Wang says.

The charity that he has in mind is Pink Butterfly, an organisation that focuses on the fight against breast cancer.
- It is important for me that my business takes social responsibility. I want my company to signal that it is important to emphasize health as much as beauty.

A leading business

Mr Li Qun Wang's brand, BeFurs, has been thriving since 2004, when he began in the trade. The brand focuses on E-commerce. But Mr Li Qun Wang opened the company's first retail store in Shenzen recently. The 300 square metre flagship store offers customers the opportunity to experience the goods, that are also offered online. However, Mr Li Qun Wang wants to do more than that; he wants to change the philosophy of the trade.

- I want people to experience more than fur garments. Fur accessories, fur furniture and even fur art can be seen in an aesthetically pleasing world, with an emphasis on quality designs, he says.

Mr Li Qun Wang's history in the trade demonstrates that he is no stranger to innovation. In 2004, he was the first to open a fur shop online and now he continues to think ahead, so that his business can become a leader in the trade.

- I brought a film crew along to film the auction at Kopenhagen Fur because I want to show my customers where the skins come from. Kopenhagen Fur is the largest and the best auction house in the world and their skin quality is unsurpassed. This is well-known in China among manufacturers, but I want that message spread out among my customers as well, so that they fully understand the high level of quality that is offered here, he says.

Quality work

BeFurs has previously filmed marketing campaigns in Denmark to demonstrate unique Nordic designs that echo in the fur garments that are sold via BeFurs.

- Showcasing Nordic design elements in my brand is as important to me as promoting corporate social responsibility via BeFurs. In fact, whenever I talk about Denmark, I always refer to this country as the Kingdom of Denmark. This is important out of respect, but also because this kingdom has a strong image in China through its history. A history, which is connected with unique Nordic design traditions that are very popular in China, he says.

- Purchasing this Top Lot, showing Kopenhagen Fur to my target audience, fighting for women's health and combining Nordic design with my fashion brand will all add value to my business. Therefore, I am greatful that I was given the chance to purchase the Top Lot and I wish to express my thanks and admiration to the Danish farmers for their quality work.