600 customers are expected during June auction

The inspection has begun at Kopenhagen Fur and the skins are lined up - ready to be examined by the guests.


Kopenhagen Fur expects that approx. 600 customers will visit the house during the auction. From China and Hong Kong approx. 375 costumers are expected.

June has been a busy month for the skin buyers. With auctions currently being held in Helsinki and previously in Toronto, it was of great importance to send out the preliminary sales programme in due time, so customers were able to plan the use of their funds.

For several weeks, customers have been able to see that Kopenhagen Fur is offering approx 5,5 million regular skins in June and a total offering of approx. 7 million mink skins. Thus, the Danish auction house offers the last chance for the skin buyers to purchase large quantities of skins before the manufacturers begin to produce garments for next season. The early release of the sales programme is one of the reasons for the positive interest from skin customers.

Also, Kopenhagen Fur anticipates a positive interest from customers that choose to follow the auction via stream in China. From there, skin buyers may call in their bids to commissioners in the auction room, which generates additional competition for the offered goods.

Kopenhagen Fur's June auction stretches over 9 days. Monday, 20 June the sale will begin with an offering of seal skins and chinchilla skins. The sale of mink will begin Tuesday with Pastel Males.