Sales percentages demonstrates confidence

- Prior to the auction many of our customers said that they did not expect us to obtain a high sales percentage, even if prices were reduced greatly, says Per Knudsen, Chief Auctioneer at Kopenhagen Fur.

However, as the auction progressed, more and more customers began to display trust based on the demand in the auction room and the established price level.

The average price is approx. 14 percent lower compared to the price level in September 2015 and the total sales percentage is approx. 70 percent. These figures could be seen via Kopenhagen Fur's sms-service, which displayed the sales percentage, average prices and price deviations on skin types.

The sales percentage is particularly important to focus on because the sales percentage for individual skin types in many cases increased after the type was sold in the auction room.

- The sales percentage is much higher than what has been informed via sms. As the auction progressed the sales percentage, says Per Knudsen.

See the updated sales percentage below: