Chinchilla Top Lot for high fashion

Chinchilla Top Lot buyer Mr Coşkun Kölük wants to increase the knowledge about fur in Turkey. According to him there is no better way to be a good example for his colleagues than buying the Top Lot.


The first day of the January auction offered the chinchilla Top Lot which was sold to Mr Coşkun Kölük. It is not his first top lot. He is rather addicted to the high quality because he believes it is important to make a good example in his country through his family company Tasari Kürkmod - also known as GATA FUR. 

- Turkey is known for its leather, but I think the country still needs to learn a lot about fur. I want to be a frontrunner and present the best chinchilla quality for my countrymen, he says.

Rough times should not stop the buying

For the last couple of years the fur market has had a rough time. Therefore, it is important for Mr Kölük to support the business.

- We can't all stop buying fur in crisis situations. If we do so, the market will stop, and then the farmers won't be able to produce the high quality fur for us, he says.    

Mr Kölük's Top Lot will soon become a short jacket which will be suitable for all seasons. The intention is to present chinchilla to the fashion world. Mr Kölük will bring the fur to the fashion exhibition in Hong Kong and later on the jacket can be found in his shops in Istanbul.

The Chinchilla Top Lot price landed at 690 DKK per skin.