Buying a Top Lot for the second year in a row

Last year, at the January auction 2015, Mr Min Xuebin bought a Top Lot. This year he did it again, when he made the highest bid for the Brown Velvet Female Top Lot, resulting in a sales price of 510 DKK per skin. With the purchase of the Palomino Velvet Top Lot at the January auction 2015 coupled with this year's Brown Velvet Female Top Lot, Mr Min Xuebin is well underway in his ambition to collect the entire range of skins colours as Top Lots.  

- My aim is to have a Top Lot in every colour there is. Buying the Brown Velvet Female Top Lot is just the next step in doing so. Owning Top Lots is important to me and signifies that we only deal in the best quality skins. It is a symbol and sends the message to customers that we only use the best quality skins to produce the fur garments, which they buy and wear, says Mr Min Xuebin.

Owning yet another Top Lot ensures that the company AIFEIMI will grow and distinguish itself from the competition creating a steady grow of customers, who appreciate fur garments made from skins of the very best quality.

- I bought these skins because they are the best in the world, have the best quality and I look forward to seeing the garments made from them. I want to produce something beautiful to show my customers and in order to do so I need the best quality. Producing garments from Top Lots is something I wish to continue to do. Eventually, I will have garments made from Top Lots of every colour, says Mr Min Xuebin.