Buying a chinchilla fur coat is like buying a sports car

Hüseyin Fauoḡlu Serdal Doḡan from the company Punto was the buyer of the Chinchilla Top Lot sold at Kopenhagen Fur's February auction with a winning bid of 620 DKK.

- I am very proud to be the owner of these beautiful skins, he says in the auction room at Kopenhagen Fur.

The skins will be displayed in the flagship store in Antalya.

- The reason for this is simple. We want our customers to see the skins on display, any potential buyer can then select the design they want, he explains.

Hüseyin Fauoḡlu Serdal Doḡan emphasizes that chinchilla is a type of skins for special customers.

- I recall that Stig Reinhold, the chinchilla auctioneer, once said that chinchilla fur garments are for the buyers that want something special after having bought five mink jackets. It is no different than owning many regular cars, then your sixth should be a sports car, he says.

The company Punto is no stranger to Kopenhagen Fur. Hüseyin Fauoḡlu Serdal Doḡan has purchased skins in Denmark for approx. 15 years. Punto intends to return to Denmark to attend Kopenhagen Fur's April auction.