Our June auction is right around the corner

Kopenhagen Furs June auction will begin this Friday. The inspection, where all of the international buyers can view the skins for sale, has begun and the auction house is buzzing with activity.


Approx. 600 buyers from around the world are expected at this coming auction. 330 of these are from either China or Hong Kong.

- Our auction begins this Friday but we have already received many international buyers, says Torben Nielsen, CEO, Kopenhagen Fur and adds:

- The interest that has been expressed by our buyers for our goods is demonstrates that the skin market is quite good.

Marginal price adjustment

In Finland, where American Legend and Saga Furs have recently held their auctions, a good customer attendance was also reported as well as a marginal declining price adjustment.

6.5 million skin are up for sale at Kopenhagen Fur's June auction and the collection consist primarily of mink.

The auction begins Friday 19 June and last 8 days.