Top Lot Chinchilla for the Saudi Arabian Royals

Soon a Princess wearing a Chinchilla fur jacket made of skins from Kopenhagen Fur's auction will be seen in the Palace of the Saudi Arabian King. Mr Şevket Yusufogullari bought the Chinchilla Top Lot and from that he will make a jacket for the Princess of Saudi Arabia.

After years of buying mink and Swakara skins at Kopenhagen Fur Mr Şevket Yusufogullarii was finally ready to bring home the finest of Chinchillas to his factory Shaky Fur and Leather in Istanbul, Turkey.

- Chinchilla is not an easy skin type to work with and you need some practice with fur in general before you start working with Chinchilla. But my employees in the factory are now trained and ready for this project. From this top lot I will make a beautiful jacket for one of the daughters of the King of Saudi Arabia, Mr Yusufogullari says.

Mr Yusufogullari has a very close relationship with the royal family of Saudi Arabia and he has made garments for the royal family for many years. This time he wants to make something very special for the King and he finds that the King deserves nothing less than a top lot. 

- It means a great deal to me, that I can tell his Majesty the King, that I made this jacket from a Top Lot. To me that is a great honour, Mr Yusufogullari says.

The Chinchilla Top Lot was sold on the first day of the January auction at Kopenhagen Fur and the price landed on 750 DKK.