Top Lot buyer: My dream has come true

After 10 years in the fur business, it was a dream that came true when Mr Min Xuebin was able to purchase the Palomino Velvet Female Top Lot at the first day of the January auction.  

Since he opened up his factory in Tong Er Pu it has been his ambition and a personal dream to purchase a Top Lot. He finally accomplished his long-time vision, as he bought the Palomino Velvet Female Top Lot. The final and winning bid was 740 DKK.

- I am very pleased to take home this Top Lot, and it is a great honour for me. Ever since I started in this business I wanted to buy this. Now my dream has come true, says Mr Min Xuebin from HAAH Fur.

- It is a very good advertisement for our brand and we will use this Top Lot to promote our business, he continues.

Mr Min Xuebin plans to present the skins in his shop as a symbol of top quality fur skins. This way, his customers can see what a Top Lot looks like. He hasn't decided yet, whether to send the lot to the factory later on, or if it will remain as a memory of a beautiful dream that came true.