Same mink Top Lot buyer as last auction

Sunday afternoon the Top Lot in Silverblue Cross Females was bought by Mr Frank Sun representing  Mr Zhang Shi Xiong from EDGAR Fur & Leather Clothing Co. LTD.

It was not the first time for Frank Sun. He also bought a mink Top Lot at the last auction in February.

- My customers like Danish mink. They only want the best quality, says Frank Sun.

As with his recent purchase, this Top Lot is going to promote Danish quality in a specific area of China, Xin Ji City, where the company has grown into the leading manufacturer of fur garments.

- It's an area in great development, tells Frank Sun.

He has been a customer at Kopenhagen Fur for many years, and he always sees it as a big honour to be able to buy a Top Lot to promote the best quality.

And it was no coincidence he bought this Top Lot.

- This is a popular colour, and I think this is the best of the whole collection, says Frank Sun.