Sales Director: Strong competition in the auction room

The sale of the Brown, which constitutes the majority of Kopenhagen Fur's April offering, has begun.

Over 800,000 Brown Males was offered at Kopenhagen Fur this Monday. The sale was eagerly anticipated as the average pricesessential for the overall average price of the April auction.

- The sale has gone very well and the prices match the ones we obtained in February. Large skin sizes and good quality skins perform best in the collection, says Jesper Lauge Christensen, Sales Director at Kopenhagen Fur.

- We have a long auction, and the days can be long when we have many show lots in the sales programme. This past Saturday, the sale ended late in the evening. However, the following day we experienced a great energy in the auction room. The sale moved along in a quickly flow, especially yesterday when Brown Males were offered. The auction room was quite active, and the customers fought hard for the goods, he says.

Today, Kopenhagen Fur is selling Glow and Black. Tomorrow morning, Brown Females and Glow Females will be offered The April auction ends Thursday afternoon.