General Information

In July, Kopenhagen Fur will welcome visitors to its physical inspection, while holding a digital auction. To help with the preparations, we will gather all the necessary information updates and resources on this site.

Key facts about the July auction

  • Inspection starts on 3 July, followed by a digital sale
  • The offering for July will feature about 5 million mink skins
  • Unsold skins will not be offered again in August or September, and there will be no private treaty in between auctions, so do not miss out on your purchase!
  • We will have Top Lots in Chinchilla, Silverblue Cross males and Pearl Beige Velvet females

Attend the inspection

Interested in participating? Read our Frequently Asked Questions for an overview of the process.

COVID-19 in Denmark

In Denmark, the spread of coronavirus is controlled and stable. There are very few new cases, with no spikes registered in the weeks following the gradual reopening. Deaths are rare, and testing has been made widely available.

Except for the current travel limitations and the ban on large events such as festivals, most attractions and businesses are open, including restaurants and stores. Opening hours may be shorter than usual. In Denmark, the adoption of safety measures such as social distancing and hygiene standards (frequent disinfection, washing hands, sneezing in the arm) is widespread.


For further information please visit the official page of the Danish Health Authorities.