American Mink Exchange

Kopenhagen Fur is proud to work alongside American Mink Exchange. A dedicated platform and sales team, who work tirelessly to offer fine quality, short nap North American mink.

American Mink Exchange was formed in early 2018, as a place where customers can purchase the best quality North American mink in the world with confidence, and after a few months, a partnership with Kopenhagen Fur was made. Now, with the combined forces of two world class sales platforms, customers can fulfill all their mink needs under one roof.

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American Mink Exchange - Offering 2020

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We are American Mink Exchange

American Mink Excange is a family-owned business, operated by the Tax-family. A family with roots firmly planted in the fur trade. Located in New York's garment district, the family can trace its lineage in the fur business across four generations. 

Put together, Irving, Richard, and Alan Tax share 100 years of fur auction experience.

We stand ready to assist skin buyers and suppliers. Contact us here.

Our Team

Kurt Essman

Head of Rancher Relations and Production

Curt Hall

Head Grader and Quality Control Manager

Ralph Griffo

Farm Soliciting and Consultant

Ken Jochimsen

Grader and Farm Solication

General questions

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