Kopenhagen Fur Studio

In 2013, Kopenhagen Fur established the creative power house Kopenhagen Fur Studio in the heart of Copenhagen. Kopenhagen Fur Studio intends to bridge the gap between the fur and fashion industries. By taking the lead in the development of fur fashion, Kopenhagen Fur Studio  wants to help create momentum and growth in the fashion industry and within the creative industries. We want to be a successful example of how creative skills can be combined with a commercial mindset. Kopenhagen Fur Studio's  vision is to grow and develop into the world's leading competence centre, focusing on the development, creativity and commercialization of fur and fashion.

Kopenhagen Fur Studio consists of three business divisions: Brand collaborations, creative workshop and fur style archive.

The brand collaborations is a commercial platform with a global perspective, bridging the gap between fashion and lifestyle companies. The brand collaborations team is skilled in analysis, strategy and business development, and it is our task to create revenue and earnings growth for us and our partners.

The creative workshop constitutes the creative core of Kopenhagen Fur Studio. Since its inception in 2005, the workshop has been the prime mover in the development of fur fashion. Kopenhagen Fur Studio' workshop invites fashion houses, other creative industries as well as young designers and design students to develop new ideas, designs and techniques in the use of fur. The workshop at Kopenhagen Fur Studio employs some of the world's best furriers and tailors, who add craftsmanship to the creative ideas together with their creative colleagues in Kopenhagen Fur Studio.

The fur style archive promotes and administers Kopenhagen Fur's collection of fur styles, which today is the largest of its kind. A digital and interactive platform displays the styles and creations made by designers and fashion houses in collaboration with Kopenhagen Fur. The fur styles are lent to fashion magazines, fashion shows, TV, movies, music videos and events worldwide. As well as having full responsibility for our style collection, Fur Fab organizes all internal and external events and activities involving Kopenhagen Fur Studio.

The trade organization, Danish Fashion and Textile is also part of Kopenhagen Fur Studio. Danish Fashion and Textile is the trade organization for the fashion and textile industry in Denmark and has approximately 350 members.

Kopenhagen Fur Studio  is housed in the protected A. N. Hansen's mansion from 1835 on the corner of Bredgade and Fredericagade in Copenhagen.

The mansion has recently been carefully and elegantly restored with respect for the history of the building. The mansion is furnished with modern Danish design and today appears almost majestic with a modern twist.

Kopenhagen Fur Studio's  domicile in Fredericiagade is an aesthetic and inspiring experience and it is definitely worth a visit.


For further information please contact Kopenhagen Fur Studio  by e-mail: kick@kopenhagenfur.com

Kopenhagen Fur Studio
Fredericiagade 21
DK-1310 København K


Opening Hours:
Monday-Friday: 08.30-16.00


+45 27 95 71 00 el. +45 27 95 71 10