Design collaborations

Design Collaborations

Kopenhagen Studio offers training and inspiration stays for interested parties, including representatives from other creative industries, furriers from countries where Kopenhagen Fur has a commercial interest.

Throughout the year, Studio collaborates with various young upcoming fashion designers, as well as designers from well-established international fashion houses.

The designers are invited to collaborate with Studio's skilled furriers and through these collaborations they

get a unique insight into the craftsmanship and the countless design possibilities naturally offered by this

fantastic material.

The vast majority of fur designs that come to life in Studio are made in mink, which is the primary type of fur sold at the Kopenhagen Fur auction house.

All fur styles made in design collaborations are made to fit the designer's seasonal collection and the fur styles are fully sponsored by Kopenhagen Fur. After one year in the designer's collection, the styles will enter into Fur Fab, the fur archive of Kopenhagen Fur. In this way, the collaboration works with mutual benefits.

The designers, however, owns the intellectual rights to their design.


Studio's Main Responsibilities

• Provides creative and technical support throughout the collaboration

• Helps the designer in the process of choosing the right skin types

• Helps in developing technique samples

• Orders the skin treatment from a tannery

• Manufactures all fur parts for a style

• Sponsors all fur skins for the appointed number of styles

• Offers full access to all of Kopenhagen Fur's knowledge of fur

• Offers farm visits and knowledge about animal welfare


Designer's Main Responsibilities

• Commits to using mainly mink skins

• Provides an interesting fashion design and an attractive show platform

• Invests time in learning about various fur processes throughout the collaboration

• Visits a mink farm and Kopenhagen Fur´s headquarter

• Provides Studio's furriers with a production-ready pattern and a toile for each fur style

• Provides Studio with all trim and fabric to be used for each style

• Promotes Kopenhagen Fur as the fur supplier


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