Design and Production

In 2005, Kopenhagen Fur's creative workshop was established for the purpose of providing improved support for design and innovation in the use of fur. At the workshop, furriers, designers and tailors assist interested parties in developing ideas, designs and techniques in fur. The creative workshop works in the following four focus areas:

1. Design collaborations

The workshop offers training and inspiration stays for interested parties, including representatives from other creative industries, furriers from countries where Kopenhagen Fur has a commercial interest. Young, upcoming fashion and design talents as well as some of the world's most exclusive and well-established designers who are invited to come and work with Kopenhagen Fur's skilled furriers. Through these collaborations they get a unique insight into the countless ways of using fur and they get an opportunity to create and develop new and creative ways to use this versatile material.

2. Developing design and techniques

To support innovation and design in fashion, the workshop is focusing on developing techniques, patterns, material innovation and new uses of fur. The self-development is documented and used for teaching and dissemination.

3. Collaborations with skin suppliers

In addition to offering the world's finest mink skins, which constitute the majority of the offering at the auctions, Kopenhagen Fur has the exclusive rights to sell the skin types swakara from Namibia and seal from Great Greenland. As part of the global branding of these skin types, the workshop in Kopenhagen Fur Studio prepares styles for women and men in swakara and seal in collaboration with upcoming designers.

4. Imagine

Imagine is a major new strategic initiative in Kopenhagen Studio. Imagine | Academy is a global partnership with the largest and most important fashion and design universities in the world, where we offer strategic collaboration and training. The most talented students are nominated by these universities to represent the university in the annual global show called Imagine | Talents. Preparation of styles and subsequent production are done in close cooperation with local manufacturers, who are also offered training and master classes under the theme Imagine | Manufacturer Programme.

For further information please contact  Kopenhagen Fur Studio by e-mail:  studio@kopenhagenfur.com


Kopenhagen Fur Studio
Fredericiagade 21
DK-1310 København K

Contact person for the workshop:

Thomas Andersen - Head of Dressing and Dyeing
E-mail: toa@kopenhagenfur.com
Mobil: +45 22 68 09 62

Opening hours:

Monday-Thursday: 8:30 to 16.00
Friday: 08.30 to 14.30 or by appointment.