Warmest November in a century and extreme blizzards in North America

9 January 2014Auction


Warmest November in a century and extreme blizzards in North AmericaThe month of November was exceptionally warm. The high temperatures had a clear influence on fur trade. But both Canada and the U.S have experienced record cold temperatures in January.

Truth About Fur - We're live

3 January 2014Fur farming

TagsIFTFCanadaFICANorth American Fur Industry CouncilUSA

Truth About Fur - We're liveThe North American Fur Industry Council has launched a comprehensive new interactive web portal with all the real truths and insights about the fur industry.

The farmer who started collecting skins

19 September 2013Fur farming


The farmer who started collecting skinsFor 28 years Peter Smit had a mink farm in Canada. He began to sell his skins at Kopenhagen Fur's auctions in 2008. Today he lives on the Spanish island Ibiza and works as a skin collector for Kopenhagen Fur in North America.

Seal ban temporarily suspended

24 August 2010Markets

TagsSeal banEUCanadaInuit

The EU trade ban on seal products has been suspended by the European Court of Justice in order to give various Inuit organizations more time to present their case. The Canadian Prime Minister calls the ban 'discriminatory'.

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