Auction schedule 2016

21 September 2015Auction

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Auction schedule 2016Kopenhagen Fur is pleased to announce next year's auction dates.

Top lot to promote Danish quality

14 February 2015Auktion


Top lot to promote Danish quality Friday afternoon the Top Lot in Black Velvet Females was bought for a very important reason. The top lot is going to promote Danish quality fur in a specific area of China.

7 million mink skins under the hammer

6 February 2014Auction


The eyes of the international fur trade are looking keenly on Kopenhagen Fur's February auction. The fur market is marked by great uncertainty with regard to the price level on mink skins after low sales percentages and falling skin prices at the auctions in December.

Top lot improves new fur shop

15 December 2013Auction

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Top lot improves new fur shopThe Palomino Velvet Male Mink Top lot was sold at 860 DKK per skin at the December auction to Mr. Simon Li Lanca Fur Trading Co. Ltd in Hong Kong. He bought them with the specific purpose of improving his new shop in Harbin, North China.

Auction experience in beautiful Lady Fur video

10 July 2013Fashion & Lifestyle

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Auction experience in beautiful Lady Fur videoThe Italian professional fur blogger, Samantha De Reviziis, visited Kopenhagen Fur during the June auction. This resulted in a beautiful video.

June auction nearly hits 3 billion DKK

25 June 2013Auction

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Kopenhagen Fur’s June auction brought yet another increase of the mink prices of 6 percent, which means that the price level reaches yet another record high. The auction turnover was nearly 3 billion DKK resulting in an average price on mink amounting to 606 DKK.

New mink type debuts at April auction

19 April 2013Auction

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New mink type debuts at April auctionKopenhagen Fur welcomes buyers at the season's third fur auction with Moondust, a Danish newcomer to the supply of mink skins.

Buyers positive before April auction

16 April 2013Auction


Buyers positive before April auctionA large number of buyers will be present in the auction room when Kopenhagen Fur hosts the third auction of the season. Among other skins, the buyers will have the opportunity to buy Moondust, a whole new type of mink skins.

Slight price reduction of mink skins

26 June 2012Auction

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Slight price reduction of mink skinsKopenhagen Furs June auction showed that demand for mink skins is still high, but the market has cooled down with a slight price reduction of 6 % on average.

Satisfactory start at the Kopenhagen Fur June auction

21 June 2012Auction

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Satisfactory start at the Kopenhagen Fur June auctionDuring the 2012-season the fur trade have experienced massive price increases on mink skins at The Kopenhagen Fur auctions.

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