The farmer who started collecting skins

19 September 2013Fur farming


The farmer who started collecting skinsFor 28 years Peter Smit had a mink farm in Canada. He began to sell his skins at Kopenhagen Fur's auctions in 2008. Today he lives on the Spanish island Ibiza and works as a skin collector for Kopenhagen Fur in North America.

From anti-fur to fur farmer

19 September 2013Fur farming


From anti-fur to fur farmerIn her younger days, Catherine Moores took every opportunity to preach about anti-animal use. Today, she is a mink farmer with 12,000 breeding animals in Newfoundland, and this year for the first time, she shipped some of her skins to Kopenhagen Fur for the first time.

Open Farm initiative brought Danish families to the farms

17 May 2013Fur farming

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Open Farm initiative brought Danish families to the farms It was a sunny spring day when 10 Danish mink farmers across Denmark invited the public to visit their farms and experience how mink are bred. Nearly 4,800 visitors had a great day and once again the Open Farm initiative can be considered a success.

New skin type at Kopenhagen Fur Exhibition

25 March 2013Fur farming


New skin type at Kopenhagen Fur ExhibitionMoondust is the name of a newly developed skin type, which for the first time ever will be sold at the Kopenhagen Fur auction in April.

Senior researcher has eyes on Russia

23 August 2012Fur farming

TagsIFASA 2012

Senior researcher Henneing Otte Hansen thinks Kopenhagen Fur has done great. But new challenges await, if the success is to be maintained.

8,000 guests attended open farm in Denmark

15 May 2012Fur farming

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8,000 guests attended open farm in DenmarkOn the 13th of May nine Danish mink farmers opened their farms to the public, so people could have a look inside the farms and see what fur farming really is about. Furthermore it gave the visitors a chance to see the new born mink kits.

IFASA 2012 open for registration

14 December 2011Fur farming

TagsKopenhagen FurIFASA 2012

IFASA 2012 open for registrationOnline registration for the IFASA 2012 world conference is now open. The conference will be held in Copenhagen from August 21-24 2012.

Video: Open Farm was a great success

Fur farming

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