Gallery: Dubai welcomes mink sneakers

20 October 2014Fashion & Lifestyle


Gallery: Dubai welcomes mink sneakers House of Montague has in collaboration with Kopenhagen Fur made mink sneakers, which were shown in Dubai last week. The collection was shown as a part of the fashion arrangement called 'The Style Gallery'.

The trend bible with fur

29 September 2014


The trend bible with furInspiration is very important, and that is why Kopenhagen Fur again this year has made a trend book with all next seasons' fur trends.

Video: Open Farm was an eye-opener

24 September 2014Fur farming

TagsOpen Farm

Video: Open Farm was an eye-opener During the annual event Open Farm, six mink farmers opened theirs farms for anyone interested. One of the farmers was René Lagoni. His farm had more than 600 visitors that saw mink farming with their own eyes – and they were very positive about what they saw.

Video: Fur Futures links the business together

17 September 2014


At this year's Fur Futures meeting, the participants from every link in the value chain learned from four industry, fashion, media and digital experts on useful topics such as PR, online branding, and how to support the choice to use fur.

Video: New customers from all over the world

11 September 2014


Video: New customers from all over the world80 new customers from different parts of the world have come to the Kopenhagen Fur September auction. We met some of them for a quick chat.

Video: Visiting a Swakara farm

9 September 2014Fur farming


Video: Visiting a Swakara farmTwo scandinavian designers travelled to Namibia to learn about Swakara skins. The two designers have been selected by KiCK to create the new Swakara styles, which will be ready later this year. But before they begin their work with these special African skins, they were invited to witness the intricate agricultural work that takes place in Namibia.

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