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27 October 2014Fur farming

Emneord Sorting Course

Rybczyk er polsk sushikok, men nu har han taget turen til Glostrup for at lære mere om mink. Paspalis fra Kastoria i Grækenland undersøger minkskind

What do a Polish sushi chef and a Greek marketing manager have in common? The answer is fur. While the reasons for attending a skin sorting course at Kopenhagen Fur can be completely different, all the participants have one thing in common - they want to learn more about mink skin.

The fourth and last skin sorting course has just come to an end in the production halls in Copenhagen. Nine participants from five different countries attended the course. For Gregory Rybzcyk it was the first step into the fur business. Gregory Rybzcyk is Polish and comes from the north-western part of Poland near Szczecin. He is sushi chef by trade and for the past six years he has been living and working in Denmark.

This past summer he saw an advertisement by Kopenhagen Fur that inspired him to start a new chapter in his life.

- I have come to a point in my life where I am ready to start a new career. I enjoyed my time in the sushi business but I have been looking to find my passion. After seeing the ad I spoke with some fur farmers in Poland and I also observed the September Auction from a distance. Finally, I decided to sign up for the skin sorting course. This is a completely new chapter of my life, says Gregory Rybczyk.

He believes that he has a great chance of making a career in the fur business, and he is hoping that one day he will work as an entrepreneur. Though he has not yet decided whether he wants to become a fur farmer, manufacturer or something different, he is convinced that he found his place.

- It has been a very interesting course. I received a lot of information that I need to digest. There are so many things I have to learn, says Mr. Rybczyk.

While it was the very first contact with the fur trade for some of the course participants, it was an refinement of skills for others. Nikos Paspalis travelled from the Kastoria in Greece to Copenhagen to improve his ability to guide and inform his own customers .

The fur trade has played a significant part of his life since Mr. Paspalis was a child. His father worked with fur for decades, and as Mr. Paspalis and his brother grew up, they as well, followed in the footsteps of their father and entered the world of fur. Today, Mr. Paspalis is the Marketing- and Sales manager in D.T.S, a fur dressing and dyeing factory. Mr. Paspalis decided to participate in the skin course to learn more about the features of the skin.

- I learned about a wide range of details, which describes the quality of the skin. We focused on the nap and the wool and discussed what defines good skin. It is important for me to have a thorough understanding of skin, in order to meet the needs of my customers. I believe that I have made big accomplishment during this course, says Mr. Paspalis.

The sorting course is also a great opportunity for the participants to expand their professional network. Kopenhagen Fur hosts several annual courses. This recent course consisted of 5 days with intensive studies about skin sorting. But it is also possible to participate in a three-week course, where you will be instructed in using Kopenhagen Furs sales catalogue and auction bidding.