Fur, Fairytale and Fashion

31 October 2014Fashion & Lifestyle

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Kopenhagen Fur presents cross-cultural fairytale fashion show in Beijing's fashion center 751D·PARK. Inspired by the father of modern fairytales, Dane Hans Christian Andersen, the show featured four of his most influential characters: Little Mermaid, Nightingale, Thumbelina and the Princess Pea.


Being a worldly famous author, Hans Christian Andersen has become a key element of Denmark's international cultural exchange. Inspired by Andersen's fairytales, Kopenhagen Fur took its part in the Danish Cultural Festival by focusing the fashion show on his famous fairytale characters. Denmark's Minister of Culture Ms. Marianne Jelved was also present at the show as an honorary guest. 

Sino-Danish Inspiration

Kopenhagen Fur's 2015 Fashion Show broke the conventionalism of ordinary shows, and combined fashion and drama in a way never seen before in the Chinese fashion scene. The showcased Spring/Summer collections are tailored and handmade by Kopenhagen Studio, Royal Purveyor Birger Christensen, emerging Chinese designer Lulu Liu, and top-ten designer Qi Gang. Some of China's best fur and leather manufacturers, Beijing Witty Fur Ltd and Tianjin Baerdi Garment Co. Ltd, helped with the professional craftsmanship. Given the somewhat challenging task of drawing inspiration for contemporary fashion collections from age old fairytales, the designers have employed their full creativity into this project. The result being fashionable, daring, magnificent fur styles challenging all existing concepts of fur fashion.

Kopenhagen Fur's VP of Marketing Ms. Ditte Hejberg Sorknaes says that it is a "sweet challenge" for Kopenhagen Fur to have a fashion show in China Fashion Week.

- I believe it is important for us to showcase our DNA and our values. We care about the premium quality of fur fabrics to provide the best quality products for our customers. Meanwhile, on another hand, it is in our DNA and our values to have the highest level of creativity. Therefore cooperating with leading designers to have a fashion show is the best way for us to showcase our creativity and premium quality, said Ditte Hejberg Sorknaes.

Lulu Liu | The Modern Mermaid

One of the designers Lulu Liu had an outstanding performance recently at a Fashion Talent Show with her Queen's New Dress, and it was adored by Chinese fashion lovers. This time she used the prototype of the Little Mermaid and brought in the air of the ocean and maintained the feminine charm, flexibility and uniqueness. Her work adopted colors like cobalt blue, gem green, Tibetan red, shiny orange, light grey and lotus purple, highlighting the changing colors of sunrise and sunset from Copenhagen's Langelinie Park. The styles are mostly short jackets with fringe dresses, which perfectly showcases Little Mermaid's long and curvy body. The fur used three-dimensional fabrics like natural mink and fox fur. The treatment was inspired by Nordic ocean, including ocean waves and seaweeds, which perfectly suit leather and fur. She used the most primitive condition to express women's brave and confident lifestyle.

Qi Gang | Nightingale Strikes Back

Among Andersen fairytales, designer Qi Gang chose the Nightingale, whose voice moved the king to tears and gave a new life to those who were dying. The backdrop used dark red - the silhouette of a lonely king accompanied by a bird. The make-up was very cool and models' slow walk also provided a kind of stable happiness. The whole stage used bright yellow, sky blue and pure white. Double-colored fur splicing also created the layered feather patterns of the Nightingale. He used natural mink with long goat fur and fox fur. This show expressed urbanite's aspiration towards the forest, sky and ocean. Though the city is chaotic, as long as we really listen to the needs of our hearts we can find the joy of peace.

Kopenhagen Studio| Nordic Thumbelina

Kopenhagen Fur has a Design Center in Denmark. Every year they welcome talents from each country's fashion, accessory and furniture industries to continuously promote new creations and new technologies. For this fashion show, Kopenhagen Fur had created a multitude of styles  inspired by nature and the clean, Nordic lifestyle. The styles were made from primarily mink but also fox, chinchilla, swakara and seal. A variety of fur - all luxurious and of the highest quality.

Birger Christensen | Royal Quality, Princess Pea

With many years of experience of providing fur pieces to Denmark's royal family, the Danish Royal Purveyor Birger Christensen invited a Nordic design team to create fur clothes for "Princess Pea". These clothes are softer than 20 beds of duck feather duvet, as the fairytale goes. Each style uses natural fur, which suits the tender skin of "Princess Pea". Birger Christensen depicted the modern princess. The stylish woman that knows what she wants, follows the trends and dazzles the world with her style.

Contributing to Sino-Danish Cultural Festival

In September 2014, Denmark held a series of events themed Little Fairytales, Grand Future during the Sino-Danish Cultural Festival, which marked the largest cultural project Denmark has held in China. This Fairytale Fashion Show has definitely been one of the most prominent events in the Sino-Danish Cultural Festival.

As an important guest at the fashion show, Denmark's Minister of Culture Ms. Marianne Jelved has also expressed her wishes at the press release. She hopes the friendship between the Chinese and Danish people will last forever. This year Denmark's Queen Margaret II and Prime Minister along with many high-level Danish Ministers also visited China and have helped deepening the cooperation in trade and culture between the two countries. As an important representative of Danish corporations, Kopenhagen Fur gave a fairytale gift to China's fashion industry.

When talking about how this fur fashion show has come together with Andersen's fairytales, Ms. Chris Cui, General Manager of Kopenhagen Fur Beijing Office, says that Kopenhagen Fur believes little fairytales convey big concepts. 

- Fairytales are not just children's dreams, but there are also lots of profound thinking and philosophy that are worthy of pondering. Fur and leather is a part of the fashion industry and fashion is rooted in traditional culture. As a meaningful media, fairytales give fur fashion another chance to come back to traditional culture. We are very grateful to Danish Culture Minister and H. C. Anderson Cultural Foundation of Denmark, as well as Chinese and Danish designers who re-interpreted culture in the words of fashion. They provide more room for creativity for this natural and three-dimensional fabric", says Chris Cui.