Four Chinese actresses in phenomenal fur look on Harper’s Bazaar

3 November 2014Fashion & Lifestyle

Emneord Liudu

The cover on Harper's Bazaar October insert lets us in with four of China's top actresses' fur-chic look. The glamour of four stars is soaking up the breathtaking luxury of the autumn/winter collection featured by China fur brand Liudu.


Qiaoqiao Jin and Jing Ning, internationally renowned actresses, both have prolific portfolio of characters, and both icons beat off fashion with influential appearance at various occasions. Ideal marriage is not the exclusive tag on Qiaoqiao Jin's off-screen life, she gains hit-in red-carpet look with the most fashionable style. The actress Jing Ning has received high profile of domestic and international prizes for her overwhelmingly endeavored acting skill, which made her a famous actress in China. The words 'elegance' and 'classic' represent the two actress-fashion icons and their dressing styles.

The other two cover celebrities - Zihan Ma, actress and sassy fashion idol, and Bingyan Yan, prolific actress - are best known for outstanding portraits of characters and personal utterly cosmopolitan, decent charisma. Zihan Ma endorsed international brands during New York Fashion Week, where she kept a young and dynamic style. Bingyan Yan - eight Best Actress prizes strongly prove her persuasive acting skill, while her personal fashion style is unique and impressively stands out among fans. Zihan Ma and Bingyan Yan's street chic outlines fashion bible to the young generation.

The elite magazine Harper's Bazaar and hit-in stars gain reputation of co-presenting classy and top fashion style and this is the first time that four super stars co-endorse in one shoot. Endorsements of this kind is rare to the Chinese entertainment industry. Obviously, the phenomenal collaboration is also benefited from the common faith between Liudu Fur and the four brand endorsers. The self is what the four actresses fulfill in their career and lifetime, and 'Love, the freedom of the self' as the branding concept of Liudu Fur exactly meets with Harper's Bazaar, shining the best love of fashion.

The Liudu fur coats reveal bold innovations as well as classic features. Qiaoqiao Jin and Jing Ning dressed in the fur coats that are endowed with surrealistic concept and classical design. The two goddesses, elegant and feminine, relive the renaissance on fur fashion echoing with Paris glamour popularized in the 1940s, and the legendary fairy world. The furs endorsed by Zihan Ma and Binyan Yan portrait chic, high-street elements with the modern design creating dreamy and sensual look, which goes perfectly with the divas' dynamic, lively charisma. The brand's pioneering design aesthetic is naturally involved in the four super stars' bold fashion attitudes. The four Liudu fur styles are created by Kopenhagen Furward Consulting design team, exclusively unique to Liudu Fur collection.