International organization visits Kopenhagen Fur

27 May 2014Politics



Once more, Kopenhagen Fur opened their doors for prominent guests as the international organization IGC paid a visit while being in Denmark for a summit meeting.


Denmark is in the period 1 June 2013 - 31 May 2014 chairman of the international organization IGC (Intergovernmental Consultations). IGC is the most important cooperation organization in the western world when it comes to matters such as asylum, refugees, immigration and visa.

The cooperation consist of government officials from 17 countries, being Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, New Zealand, Canada, Norway, Finland, Spain, France, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia and USA.

Denmark has chosen the theme "Increasing Economic and Trade Relations with Emerging Economies: Consequences for Immigration Systems" during the chairman period, with a special focus on Turkey and Indonesia as well as the BRIC-countries, which are Brazil, Russia, India and China.

In that context, a delegation visited Kopenhagen Fur at 19 May while being in Denmark for a summit meeting. The visit was arranged to show the initiatives Kopenhagen Fur make to promote the skin sale to Chinese and Russian buyers, amongst other reasons.

-When it comes to creating policies for the future development within the free movement of labour IGC is the most influent organization. They naturally affect both the issuance of VISA and regulations of visitations systems internationally. Here at Kopenhagen Fur we are proud to be invited as host for this meeting and we are eager discuss the special conditions, which are important to Kopenhagen Fur and our customers,  says Kenneth Loberg, Marketing- and Business Development Director for Kopenhagen Fur.