Relief in Milan

6 March 2014Markets

Emneord Fur Fair

There are more visitors than expected at the MiFur exhibition in Milan. There is a big difference in how busy the exhibitors are, but Annette Hindborg from Kopenhagen Fur senses a relieved atmosphere in general.

Milan is the host city of the international fur and leather exhibition MiFur from March 4th-7th. Since the lowering in number of visitors at the fur and leather exhibition in Hong Kong, many have been excited to see what would happen in Milan.

- When you think about the feedback from Hong Kong, it is going surprisingly well. The customers I have been talking to are in general relieved, says Annette Hindborg from Kopenhagen Fur.

She explains that there are more Russian visitors than expected. Especially the Russians were missing at the Hong Kong exhibition so that indicates that they have prioritized the European fur fair instead.

Annette Hindborg also tells that there is a big difference in how much activity there is in the stalls. Some are busy all the time, while others are not.

- The skin dealers who have skins from the last year have a hard time. Their customers are waiting for the next auction in hope that the prices will keep the lower level, so the skin dealers will have to lower the prices on the old skins as well, she says.