An introduction to a world of fur

26 March 2014Auction

Emneord Kopenhagen Fur

Kommende kunder fra hele verden er samlet i Kopenhagen Furs sorteringshaller. De skal over de næste tre uger lære alt om pelsbranchen og Kopenhagen Fur. Flere af deltagerne kender allerede virksomheden og de ansatte. Det er blandt andet sortering, som står på menuen de næste tre uger.

Twenty-four participants from all over the globe have come to the first three-week sorting course of the season. They have come to Kopenhagen Fur to learn more about the ways of the largest auction house in the world.


The participants for the first of the sorting courses have come from all over the globe. Hong Kong, China, USA, Korea, Greece, Lithuania, Italy and Denmark are all represented within the sorting halls in Copenhagen. Rookies and more experienced buyers are among the participants, but they all have one thing in common - they have come to learn more about the exiting world of Kopenhagen Fur.

From farm to auction room

A packed program spanning over the next three weeks awaits the twenty-four trainees. They will experience a Danish mink farm and a Danish dressing house, and they will be introduced to the sorting and grading at Kopenhagen Fur. Finally they will learn about the production and systematics of the Kopenhagen Fur auction catalogue, and most importantly, they will learn about the Kopenhagen Fur auction. 

Peiwen Mao is a Chinese living in Denmark working for customers at the Kopenhagen Fur auctions. To him the sorting course is a unique opportunity excel in the different disciplines within the industry.

- I am here to learn more about everything. Quality, catalogue, sorting and so forth. I normally work for Chinese customers during the auction, and I believe that my services will improved by attending this sorting course, says Peiwen Mao.

Like many the other participants Peiwen Mao has been doing business with Kopenhagen Fur for some time, but the sorting course gives him the chance to get to know the people at Kopenhagen Fur even better. A close relation between auction house and customer is very beneficial  according to Brian Tufvesson, Customer Relations Manager at Kopenhagen Fur.

- A close relation between auction house and customers is very important within our industry. Our business is based on a few days of auction which means there is no room for uncertainty and waiting.  That is why a close relation is important to both us and our customers. And I have no doubt that the sorting courses support a closer relation with our customers.