Kopenhagen Fur's June auction is off to a good start

18 June 2014Auction

Emneord June

The first mink skins have just been sold at this year's June auction at Kopenhagen Fur. The atmosphere is great after the first hours of sale as the prices are much better compared to recent auctions held by other fur auction houses in both Canada and Europe.


Kopenhagen Fur's Chief Auctioneer Per Knudsen has just gone off the podium after having opened the sale. The first skins under the hammer were Mahogany Males. There has been great speculation in the Danish media about the mink prices of this auction. Self-proclaimed experts have commented on the future price level, but no one can predict the mink prices. The price of the mink skins is determined in Kopenhagen Fur's auction room, only, and within the first hours of the auction the sale is already going much better than the experts predicted.

There was a jumble at Kopenhagen Fur this morning. 500 eager customers had found their way to the world's largest fur auction house and at 08.30 am the auction room was packed. This Tuesday morning the fear and uncertainty that had taken its toll on the global fur industry in recent months seemed to be gone with the morning mist.

- The descending of the prices seems to have stopped for now. It seems that the market has been stabilized and furthermore we are witnessing a small price increase compared to recent international auctions, says Per Knudsen.

The entire fur industry has experienced a large drop in prices since the winter of 2013/2014, but with the auction at NAFA in May, it seems as if prices have hit the bottom.

- Our worst fear was that what happened to our colleagues during their recent auctions would happen to us. Luckily, we keep head above water and we are now getting better prices than anyone expected. We do not know, of course, how the final sales statistics will look like yet, but we cannot help being excited about the good start of the auction, says Knudsen.

The slight price increase continues with the sale of Mahogany Females.