June auction continues on a positive note

24 June 2014Auction

Emneord June auction

Auktion Per 700

Per Knudsen (Pictured here in the centre of the podium in the auctionroom) is pleased with the renewed faith in the market.

During the seventh day of the June auction, the fur market seems to have found a new stable price level. According to Chief Auctioneer Per Knudsen it is no coincidence that the market stabilizes at Kopenhagen Fur.

Brown Males and Brown Velvet Males both experienced a small rise in prices compared to both recent levels as well as our own April level. The atmosphere in the auction room was intensive and hectic. Per Knudsen, Chief Auctioneer at Kopenhagen Fur, believes he knows the cause for this. 

-We are seeing a renewed faith in the market and we believe it is based on a mutual understanding between the market and the auction house.  Kopenhagen Fur has dedicated a great amount of resources to support the Chinese market and we are now seeing the results of many years' focus on customer relations within mainland China and Hong Kong. We have established many great collaborations with a great section of our customers and the business. These are proving to be a great invesment both for us and the entire business, says Per Knudsen.  He is convinced that the great atmosphere is the result of good customer relations.

-During recent auctions in both Finland and Toronto we saw how a small amount of customers affects the confidence in the trade. On the other side we are currently seeing how a packed auction room creates a captivating atmosphere and attracts new customers. So, the high-grade collection here at Kopenhagen Fur combined with the great customer relations results in renewed faith, says Per Knudsen.

Kopenhagen Fur's June auction ends today with the sale of Brown and Glow Females.