Voxpop: Customers about the new oasis

18 June 2014Auction


Fotos fra den nye bygningFotos fra den nye bygningFotos fra den nye bygning

We have asked our customers about the new oasis at Kopenhagen Fur. Here are their reactions.


Liu Xuhe, China: "I really like the garden. It is nice to be able to sit down while you are outside having a cigarette. I especially like the water. Fish means a lot in China and these kinds of fish mean wealth and happiness. The only thing missing is more fish. Many more fish!"


Aleatin Gürmüç, Turkey - resides in Finland: "It is good to have an area for the costumers where they can relax. On a day like today where the sun is shining, it is perfect to have a garden where you can sit down and have a cigarette. I think it is really good to have this area."


Cristiano Biancalani, Italy: The garden and the new buildings are both fresh and modern. I do not know if I was missing it before but it is a nice place to be - that is for sure. Especially in the summer, it is nice to be able to go outside and sit down.


Archie Kasakevich, Canada: It is cozy. The auctions are very stressful, so we need a place where the atmosphere has some nature. I love nature and I feel more at home with an area like this. So it was a pleasant surprise. It gives the whole place a warmer atmosphere.