Warmest November in a century and extreme blizzards in North America

9 January 2014Auction

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The month of November was exceptionally warm. The high temperatures had a clear influence on fur trade. But both Canada and the U.S have experienced record cold temperatures in January.

It's not just in your head. This winter has been exceptionally warm compared to other seasons. In fact, meteorologists all over the planet have registered higher temperatures than usual. The temperatures in November were the highest ever recorded for that particular month since 1880, when scientist first began recording temperatures. Thus, November 2013 is recorded as the warmest November in 134 years.

Read the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration global analysis on November here.

Slow retail sales

These high winter temperatures did not go unnoticed by Kopenhagen Fur due to its influence on retail sale of fur goods.

During the December auction Kopenhagen Fur hosts a considerable number of buyers from countries such as China and Russia, where the winter weather dragged its feet. And just prior to the auction Russian buyers experienced the hottest November in their home country since 1891. That month is now registered as the hottest November that Russia has had in 123 years.

Record cold temperatures

Winter weather may have dragged its feet, but now it seems it kicked the door in. All over North America people have experienced an extreme blizzard that brought temperatures as low as -22 degrees Fahrenheit in some areas - and even ice on the Mississippi River. The extreme cold weather that hit Canada and the U.S has just begun to loosen its grip. In Beijing people are experiencing 19 degrees at night, and this could affect the sale of fur products due to gift sales leading up Chinese New Year later this month. In Moscow, residents also have a good reason to dress warmly. Temperatures there are steadily declining, and they will hit 5 degrees within a few days. Time will tell if the cold weather has come quickly enough to influence the retail sales of fur products.

Beijing experienced quite a lot of snow during the winter of 2012/13.