Elise Gug showed timeless fur

28 January 2014Fashion & Lifestyle

Emneord Elise Gug


For the fourth year in a row Danish designer Elise Gug invited an exclusive crowd for an autonomous fashion week. Among others she showed six fur styles, which are the result of the brand's collaboration with Kopenhagen Nexus - Kopenhagen Fur's bridgehead to the fashion companies. 

About 30 guests were invited to the intimate fashion show in Elise Gug's showroom in the heart of Copenhagen. Although 
Copenhagen Fashion Week only begins Wednesday 29th, Elise Gug chose to have an autonomous show for the invited people that defied the snow - many of them with the help of warm fur jackets.

Elise Gug's A/W 2014 collection sticked to the timeless, elegant classics and discreet luxury that defines the brand. 

- Elise Gug has some classic icons like Grace Kelly and Jackie O. who inspire her collections. They are characterized by their exclusive but simple and classy taste. Consequently, fur is naturally included in the brand's universe, says Julie Maria Iversen, head of Kopenhagen Nexus, KiCK.

The collaboration between Kopenhagen Nexus and Elise Gug counts six styles in full fur like a grey fur waistcoat, fur details like a collar, and accessories like a mink scarf. 

Elise Gug has collaborated with Kopenhagen Studio in the past, but this is the first time the collaboration aims to commercialize fur as is the purpose of Kopenhagen Nexus.