Danish minister: With success comes responsibility

30 January 2014Fashion & Lifestyle

Emneord Copenhagen Fashion WeekMargrethe Vestager


Danish design and sustainability were popular themes at the press conference, which was presented by Eva Kruse, CEO, Danish Fashion Institute and Copenhagen Fashion Week. The conference was held just before Kopenhagen Fur's opening show at Copenhagen Fashion Week at City Hall.

While the team of creative people prepared Kopenhagen Fur's grand opening show, Danish design was praised at the press conference that opened Copenhagen Fashion Week. The praise came from Margrethe Vestager (R), minister of Economic Affairs and the Interior, who later enjoyed the sight of beautiful fur designs that filled the catwalk.

- Danish designs are quite successful abroad, and affects fashion trends in both Paris and Beijing. But with success comes responsibility. We reveal our values in our design, but also when export clothing, determine high quality and set good prices. I am therefore very pleased to see sustainability on the agenda once again at Copenhagen Fashion Week, said Margrethe Vestager.

Knowledge, skill and network

- Success does not come by itself, said Julie Maria Iversen, head of Kopenhagen Nexus. She elaborated at the press conference, what transparency at Kopenhagen Fur means to the fur industry.

- An important part of Kopenhagen Fur's DNA is transparency. We are happy to share our knowledge and business ideas with the fur trade and other trades in Denmark, as well as with companies abroad. In KiCK we have established a central platform for knowledge, skills and networks division, said Julie Maria Iversen.

She also believes that transparency should not only be limited to the creative industry and Kopenhagen Fur. The fur trade must also be visible and transparent in the Danish economy.

- Kopenhagen Fur would like to expand its cooperation with the fashion industry and the rest of the creative industries. It will hopefully not only benefit the creative arts, but be beneficial to Denmark domestically and in export markets.