Swakara winner showing styles in Milano

14 February 2014Fashion & Lifestyle

Emneord Swakara


Two years ago the Swakara industry started a design competition in Namibia. The winner of the competition, Nikola Conradie, had the opportunity to enter her design at Remix during MIFUR in Milan. She will also have the possibility to work at Kopenhagen Studio, where the furriers will help her develop her styles.


Swakara is not only the name of the industry, but also the name on the type of skin which is sold at Kopenhagen Fur. Swakara is breed in Namibia. The organization Swakara sell their products at the auctions at Kopenhagen Fur, which has the responsibility to promote the company.

Since Kopenhagen Fur began promoting Swakara back in 2008, the price on the skin has more than doubled. The development in the price level benefits the breeders in Namibia as well as Kopenhagen Fur.

Nikola Conradie's styles are showed on the pictures.


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