Grade a fur

7 February 2014Auktion



12 volunteers from Italy, Greece, England and China have taken a five day sorting course from 3th.  - 7th. February at Kopenhagen Fur. At the course the trainees learned about sorting and auction procedures.

It has been a busy week for the 12 volunteers at the course in Kopenhagen Furs buildings in Glostrup, Copenhagen, who have learned about grading skins from Monday February 3th. to Friday February 7
th. Here they had the opportunity to have their own hands on furs with different grading.

One of the volunteers was Anne Anderson from England, who owns The Beverley Hat Company   in York.

- I took this course to learn grading skins, and know the difference between a good and a bad skin. When I get home, I am going to run through my old skins and sort them, so I can use the bad ones for practice. I couldn't find new fur in the UK. I don't know where to look, and there is no expertise in it. So I have used old fur to make hats. I am not going to the auction, because I only need a couple of skins, but I am buying them here in Copenhagen.

Kopenhagen Fur also has longer sorting courses from Marts 24th. - April 9th 2014 and May 27th. - June 19th. 2014. Marco Santi from Italy plans to come back for the course in June.

- In these five days, we learned about main types of skin, and the first things we need to be able to recognize in a skin. It has been so intense that I might forget half of it in two weeks, so I want to come back for a longer course, to get more time to focus in grading skins. It might look easy, but it is hard!