Fur fair: New opportunities in Hong Kong

26 February 2014Auction

TagsHong Kong

Fur fair: New opportunities in Hong KongBetter visibility is one of Kopenhagen Furs advantages at the international fur and fashion fair in Hong Kong.

Fur dominated the New York Runways

25 February 2014Fashion & Lifestyle

TagsNew York Fashion Week

Fur dominated the New York RunwaysNew sides of fur fashion were shown at New York Fashion Week this February. Colorful and patterned fur were some of the dominating trends, but fur was often used as accessories as well.

Oh! is a label to watch in Germany

24 February 2014Fashion & Lifestyle

TagsOh! by Kopenhagen Fur

"The collection from the traditional danish fur house can cause an astonished Oh or Ah." That is how the German site Textilwissenschaft describes Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur.

Mini-Lagerfeld in fur made Instagram explode!

24 February 2014


Mini-Lagerfeld in fur made Instagram explode!Milan Fashion Week was blown away by a Mini-Lagerfeld fur bug.

Video: A backstage timelapse

24 February 2014Fashion & Lifestyle


Chinese top model Zhang Xu had a key-role during the Kopenhagen Fur "East/West Fusion" show. We timelapsed her day.

Video: Preparing for April

19 February 2014Auction

TagsKopenhagen Fur

Video: Preparing for AprilThe February auction is over, but there is still a lot going on at Kopenhagen Fur. The skin sorters need to sort approximately seven million skins before the next auction in April.

Swakara winner showing styles in Milano

14 February 2014Fashion & Lifestyle


Swakara winner showing styles in MilanoTwo years ago the organization Swakara started up a design competition in Namibia.

Furward connects China and Europe

13 February 2014Auction


As a link between the Chinese and European marked, Furward offer services to clients who needs help with design, visual strategy, communication or branding.

Satisfying sale of AAA

13 February 2014Auction


Satisfying sale of AAAThe Kopenhagen Fur AAA brand was well received by buyers in a market with declining prices.

The fur market towards new balance

10 February 2014Auction

TagsFebruary auction

The fur market towards new balanceKopenhagen Fur succeeded in selling the offering of 530,000 Silverblue males and females on the first day of the February auction. Prices declined as expected but not as much as some had feared.

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