Innovative seal homewear coming up

26 August 2014Fashion & Lifestyle

Emneord Seal

The upcoming homewear designer Charlotte Bodil Hermansen brings new energy to seal design. She wants to state the eligibility of seal in homewear designs by adding a contemporary touch in innovative styles.


Why not use sealskin as a wall decoration? Or how about a lamp shade design? That is some of the creations Charlotte Bodil Hermansen is currently experimenting with. The latest creation from the young Danish designer is an 1 x 1 metre decorative wall furniture which is designed in cooperation with the Danish ceramist Lene Roehrig Kjaer.

With this home wear piece the two women show the endless opportunities of combining seal with a wide range of other materials. Side by side with black elegant leather, wood and shiny turquoise foil the Harp seal stands out as a lively and 3D-based material creating interesting contrasts to the other layers.

- I want to give sealskin a comeback in homewear designs. It's an excellent material to use for furniture and household accessories. It is extremely flexible and has an impressive durability, which allows it to stay stunning for ages, says Charlotte Bodil Hermansen.

Thomas Andersen, Head of Kopenhagen Studio, is very excited to see what the designers have come up with and he is happy to see upcoming designers defy the expectations. At Kopenhagen Studio one of the visions is to push the creativity and motivate designers to challenge the traditional ways of using sealskin.

- Seal as a material is a lot easier to work with compared to many other skin types and from a financial perspective it is also much more accessible. Opportunities open up for a wide range of designers. Not only in homewear but also in footwear, clothing and personal accessories, he explains.

At the moment, Kopenhagen Studio is working together with Charlotte Bodil Hermansen on a lamp shade design. In this project the textile designer would like to experiment with a new shaping of sealskin.